Saturday, October 22, 2016

That is Virtage

V as Vintage 
I as Individual
R as Rebellion against MassProduction
T Textile
A as Aestethics
G as Global
E as Economical Change
That is Virtage

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Black lace..what a range of styles

On Black lace

Black lace is a symbol. It carries many meanings, most unconscious. When thinking about black lace, what coems to mind: elegance, women's lingerie, femininty, historical dresses, upperclass, intimacy, sensuality, 1920s, de lux, elite....old womens church dress, goths, 80s Madonna style? Quite a range of styles .From subtle day lace dresses to vampish black lacedresses, perfect lace dresses to suit every style.

Black dress or blouse with black lace can be a casual every day wear...It s often associated with something dark, such as goths, funerals..

To some it brings to mind Black Lace, the British Europop brand...

Black lace just gives such a extra luxus feel to clothes. But it is that small luxuroius mystical and stylish spice to any black item. That hint of history in the fast modern time. It brings to mind that pre-industrial slow life back then when people were driving in horse pulled wagons and reading books in candle light...having long discussions well dresses over dinner...It also brings to mind romantic evenings ...and luxurious interiors with velvet couches and heavy velvet curtains..

Black lace is a classic thing, and never goes out of style.....  But of course it doesn't work with all personalities...Some love it. Some don't. We at Virtage do love black lace.

    Black dress with lace..You can go anywhere with a classic bowtie lace, clubbing, coctail party.Like a little black dress, every closet needs a gorgeous lace dress!

Goth skirt, salsa skirt..



Friday, May 6, 2016

That hippie freedom

1970s freedom...

After years of slim fit jeans, loose tops, minimalist lines it is so refreshing to see flares, platform shoes,  hippie boho maxiskirts and floral dresses flowing in the spring breeze..

Dress Virtage  photo: David Bond Lewis
But it not only about clothes and fine quality 1970s vintage- the time when clothes were made with quality fabrics and sewn well. Beyond the style, the world of 1970s is so appealing in many ways.. the freedom, the liberation, flower power, love, free love... community life, hippie festivals ...Wouldn't it be wonderful to set back the time and find yourself in the midst of universally loving longhaired hippies in the Woodstock festival?...just being you looking like you do, acting, thinking, behaving like you, without trying to be anything else but you, as a unique individual, creature in history.How often do we experience that freedom now-a-days? World is so full of expectations, visual expectations of how we should be, act and look? Those hippies back in the day got something right....They didnt care, they just were- what they are, who they are...Dressing up in the 1970s trend of 2016, we also may capture a bit of that freedom, and happiness?Virtage wishes you the best summer of love and freedom 2016!